The name AetherAeon is a combination of the words “aether”, which is often referred to as the “fifth element” in alchemy and is the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere, and the word “aeon” which is commonly used in reference to a period of a billion years or for any long, indefinite, period of time. So a very basic meaning of AetherAeon is “infinite time and space.”

The AetherAeon logo is a symbol that represents unity and peace and is made up of all four of the physical basic elements. The fact that all four of the elements, (water, air, earth, & fire) are not all compatible with one another and each are a manifestation of the different states of matter signifies that all things can come together to create something new and unite to be as one.



Mission Statement

The whole idea behind this project is to introduce and encourage change in your life. The way we can see change happening is by realizing that your time on this earth is limited and you physically take up very little space. But if you embrace the fact that your words, actions, and beliefs can live on long after you’re dead and gone and that you have the power to promote good and change in the world is what makes your footprint last forever. In other words, what you do in this life can last for an AetherAeon.



Brand Philosophy

The best thing anybody could do ever for themselves is to embrace change. Change is one of the core foundations that make the world what it is today. Without change, we would still be living the same way our ancestors did since time began. The transformation of ideals and traditions have brought about acceptance to things that were once deemed wrong and have shaped the future for generations to come. When you allow a part of your life or your views on life to change, you are opening the doors to discovering a new path for yourself that will ultimately bring you happiness in life. And what comes with that is the ability to make a lasting impression in the world that people will remember you for. So make a change in your life. You never know how far the impact of it will reach. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes of thinking to determine what you want to change and how you plan to change it.

Always Aim for Change in Your Life.